For the nth time I must observe, nobody would believe life in Trump world if it was written as a script. Today Trump world met Water World, literally. 911 calls came pouring in to the Sheriff’s Department as boats in a Trump boat parade on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas began to sink. Not just one, several.

Ain’t it grand? Rescue swimmers, divers. My God, it sounds like an old Irwin Allen disaster movie. And he did TV, too. Remember, “Voyage to the Bottom Of The Sea?” We could do a spin off, “Voyage To The Bottom Of The Campaign.”

We’ll get an atomic submarine and call it the Trumpview. It will be powered by a combination of Douglas Adam’s Improbability Drive and Trump’s polls. And the captain will look at the polls coming in and intone, “Dive, all dive” and the Trumpview will just keep going down, down, down, knowing no bottom, as indeed Trump the man does not.

Life comes up with metaphors that writers wouldn’t dare.


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  1. Is he sending billions of Blue State tax dollars in rescue aid for this. Cause these are ‘good People’ who lost their property. I am sure antifa is behind it all.

  2. They were going faster than they should have.Goofing around I read. How shocking , the same group that won’t wear masks, again endangering other people. I saw this , read Twitter comments. Had the best laugh ???? I’ve had in awhile. Karma maybe.


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