Joseph Bondy, attorney for Lev Parnas, knows how to troll on social media. That’s a good thing, since we have the Cruel Clown of social media to contend with, Donald Trump. It’s nice to know somebody can fight fire with fire.

Daily Beast:

Lev Parnas’ attorney Joseph Bondy is set to attend the Senate impeachment trial tomorrow during the first day of the question-answer period. His co-counsel Stephanie Schuman is also expected to appear, The Daily Beast has learned.

“Like many other New York constituents, Mr. Bondy reached out and asked for gallery tickets, and we said yes,” said Justin Goodman, a spokesperson for Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the Senate Minority Leader.

Bondy told The Daily Beast Tuesday that his client was also trying to attend tomorrow’s proceedings in the Senate trial but would be unlikely to be able to enter the chamber because he wears an ankle monitor. Senate rules bar individuals from bringing any electronics into the chamber during the trial. Tuesday evening, U.S. District Judge J. Paul Oetken indeed modified Parnas’ pretrial release to allow him to travel to Washington, but denied the removal of his monitor.

Here’s a shot of Trump defense attorney Pam Bondi, whose sanctimonious defense of Trump seems a bit much, considering.

We’re sure in a different space than we were on Friday, when Adam Schiff was tweaking the delicate sensibilities of Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins by quoting the “head on a pike” line. They were so alienated then, but the John Bolton manuscript seems to have a quieting effect on their outraged sensibilities. Wednesday should be interesting. And by the by, a new trending hashtag on Twitter is #MittOrGetOffThePot.

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  1. I’d love to see der gropenfurer’s face if they were to question Parnas, he probably would be loading up his grampers for sure.
    For a guy that that says he doesn’t know Parnas, doesn’t know what he does, he’s having dinner with him and Fruman almost two years ago. He’s known these guys for years. Pictures and videos don’t lie but he sure does


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