Editor’s Note: At the Trump Impeachment, we received a letter from Paul,who lives France, expressing his support forthose of us who believe Trump should be impeached. We have reproduced his letter, with his permission, becausewe believe our followers will be interested to see how the rest of the world sees our situation.

Dear pro-impeachment American citizens,

Impeaching Donald Trump seems to be, as seen from non-US countries, the best thing YOU could do to save your country, but also the rest of the world, from the devastating influence of the 45th President. As a French citizen, I fully share this point of view, but of course, I cannot and may not do anything more than supporting your campaign. And so do I.

Why ? Because several Presidents in your history – like many leaders in all countries in the world, including France – have often been inefficient, or corrupted, or even dangerous, and to be clear, rather moronic. But now, with Nr45, United States really reached the top level : this time, the guy is a wally !

It makes me sad, because I love USA. Or, at least, some key features of USA. When I was a kid, my grandparents talked to me about the 1944 bombings by USAF and RAF over their city, Le Havre. Their beautiful town was fully destroyed, many people killed, but they never said a word against Britain nor USA ; quite the other way, they said the job had to be done to make France free, and took me to this tiny part of America in Normandy, Colleville, where 10000 graves let us remember the price USA paid in this war. This is the positive image of USA : a land of courageous, helpful freedom-fighters.

But now ? Now the image of USA for the rest of the world is yellowed, yellow like Donald’s hair (by the way, he behaves much like an angry Donald Duck) or Homer Simpson’s skin (by the way, the volume of their brain seems perfectly matching). At best, USA now appear as a territory made of rather reasonable East-Coast and West-Coast educated citizens, separated by a land inhabited by hillbillies. This is of course far from reality. This is of course quite unfair. But to some extent, this reveals a deep fracture in American society, and this fracture also exists and develops everywhere – including Europe.

Chris, you posted a quite clever comment about this. Trump is just a symptom. The disease in US Society is much more complex, more frightening than the fact it could lead to elect Donald Duck as President. And the same is true on our side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Democracy is at stake. A sort of aristocratic class of professional politicians took over in the last decades the task of governing occidental nations ; they did not necessarily wrong things – after all, aristocracy means “government by the best ones” – but they ignored the voices of ordinary citizens, they failed to explain and justify their decisions, they refused to admit their errors. They believed to be strong – in fact, they are weak. Frustration and anger grew among citizens, sometimes for good reasons, sometimes just as a result of deep misunderstanding. That’s the way a Donald was elected ; it is the way a Benito or an Adolf might raise (if not already done) in other countries. Democracy works as long as a society remains bound by common values ; when a society is fractured down to its bases, democracy can burst despite of institutions and laws.

Impeaching Trump is probably the best thing USA can do as a first emergency measure. The second one may be to sent him to Mars in the first non-return flight (he’ll be happy, having a world wide audience for this reality show). But this will be only the first stage of a long process. Keep on fighting for a better future, dear Americans !

Paul is a concerned citizen of France, who has worked with American partners during his career. He lives in Anjou, a nice region of Western France, which produces excellent wine. He wishes for the planet to be kept alive and safe for his children and grandchildren.

Live outside the US and want to express your support? Send us a letter andwe will post it on our website.

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