Let’s Lift Our Voices in Derision to the Organizers of “Straight Pride” and Their Stupid Flag.

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Today will be a somber day, what with funerals being planned in grief stricken Texas and Hurricane Dorian crawling across Grand Bahama at 1 MPH like a giant angry street sweeper with a busted u-joint.

But let’s take a moment to laugh at the two sad clowns above.

I’ll spare you long biographies but if you want to know more about these two, you can go here.

Though I expect that link will not see a lot of use.

Hugo is a failed candidate for Massachusetts’ 5th Congressional District and is of the opinion that “Straight people are an oppressed majority.”

It doesn’t get any stupider than that folks.

Racioppi and Mark Sahady (the third of this follically challenged trio who had the good sense to miss this iPhone moment) and who is out of frame above but… don’t worry ladies, I have a photo of him…



…are the creators of  Resist Marxism, which describes itself as “a patriotic organization dedicated to American nationalism” and protecting “Western culture and Christianity, and has been named as a hate group by the ADL, and the not even close to aptly named organization Super Happy Fun America (SHFA), who scheduled the event in Boston Saturday, and also which had nothing to do with sexuality at all… but was really just a Trump Rally…


But enough with the introductions, I promised laughs…

Jebus, if stupid were a commodity, these three will have cornered the damned market.

Good luck to our friends in Texas and the Bahamas, forgive my pausing on this dark day to make fun of these jerks.

And to our LGBTQ friends as well – no way these guys could be as fabulous as ya’ll!

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3 Comments on "Let’s Lift Our Voices in Derision to the Organizers of “Straight Pride” and Their Stupid Flag."

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Johnnie Dorman
Johnnie Dorman

Just more Trumptards doing stupid stuff.


Paranoid homophobes…what else is new?


It’s an Incel parade. I mean what woman is going to take a look at those two bozos and think wow what fine genetic specimens, got to get me some of that.