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Ex-White House press secretary Sean Spicer began his tenure lying for Donald Trump, and continued on the same way. It never did a lick of good. No matter how many Trump-approved talking points he dished out during each briefing, a forever-peeved Trump still blamed him whenever those talking points failed to elevate the presidency from garbage fire to anything better. And Spicer never showed any character greater than that of toady. If he ever had doubts about fabricating stories about, say, crowd sizes, for the singular purpose of making a very angry, very stupid, very dishonest man feel better about himself, he never let on.

Having become so synonymous with public lying that even networks like CNN took a pass on hiring him on as yet another talking head, Sean Spicer is joining the paid speech circuit. And what a sales pitch:

“Audiences around the world will benefit from the same candor, wit and insight that Spicer brought to the White House briefing room,” Worldwide Speakers Group writes about Spicer in its pitch to potential customers, an early copy of which was reviewed by POLITICO. […]

A spokesman for Worldwide Speakers Group said in a statement: “We are thrilled to provide Sean for our major trade association, corporate, university and public lecture series customers around the world. With his well-known candor and extensive experience, Sean is uniquely qualified to help audiences understand how the political environment will impact them now and in the future.”

I am not in the worldwide speaking racket, but promising audiences that your speaker will bring the same candor Sean Spicer brought to the White House briefing room sounds very nearly like you are insulting them.

Apparently Sean’s bookers thought better of it as well—possibly because they could hear the laughing through their internet cables and it was distracting everyone else working in the building.

After POLITICO published its story early Monday morning, the speakers’ bureau deleted any mention of “candor” from Spicer’s online bio. Instead, the pitch to customers was edited to read: “everybody knows Sean Spicer,” and included a mention of his “trademark style behind the White House podium.”

There ya go. Scratch out the candor bit—we’ll go with “everybody” knows Sean Spicer, and indeed they do. They know him because he is the face of modern American propaganda: a Baghdad Bob for the new generation, and a man whose willingness to gaslight a whole country turned him into a household name before the new White House’s first laundry day.

He could do the same for your event, you know. For a small fee, Sean Spicer will stand up on a stage and say—well, whatever you want him to, right? That is what he is known for.

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