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Tasha Dixon was 18, and a contestant in a beauty contest when Trump barged into a dressing room used by her and several other young women and girls competing in the contest. Trump was 56 at the time, almost 40 years older than most of the contestants. Trump boasted about doing this to Howard Stern, in a recorded interview.

When he was 46 years old, during a Christmas special recorded in his building, Trump spoke to a 10 year old girl. When she turned around to get on the elevator, Trump said (on camera) “I am going to be dating her in ten years. Can you believe it?”. The Chicago Tribune reported another incident when he spoke to two 14 year olds and later said he would be “dating” them in a couple of years. Trump was 46 years old at the time.

Trump began making inappropriate remarks about his daughter Ivanka starting when she was 16 years old. On several occasions Trump told people she was “voluptuous”, “hot” and that “if she weren’t his daughter, he’d be dating her”. Many of these incidents are recorded.

We also have lots of evidence that Trump has assaulted and molested young women repeatedly, for decades. Twenty women have accused him of behavior that in many cases meets the definition of sexual assault. There is also substantial evidence that Trump hosted parties in his 40s featuring drugs and alcohol which girls as young as 15 attended. These young women and girls were routinely told Trump’s friends (in their 40s, 50s and 60s) could help them launch their modeling careers. 

The revelations about Roy Moore’s behavior are new, so we are justifiably talking about them. Let’s not forget all we know about Donald Trump’s behavior because his script on steamrolling critics and victims is what Moore is trying to follow.

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