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You know, it turns out that Rudy Giuliani is a man with many hats. Currently, he’s a legal laughingstock, and an existential threat to the Trump legal defense, both in terms of Stormy Daniels, as well as the firing of James Comey. But Rudy has plenty of room on that fat, empty head for another beanie. It turns out he’s also one helluva distraction.

Normally, the Cheeto Prophet lubs him some distractions. Mainly because they keep the media and the general population focused on something other than the stupid, unethical, illegal stuff he’s saying and doing. Like getting more than $1.3 million paid to his properties by the RNC and his own reelection campaign for events in the last 15 months. But Trump has one hard and fast rule about distractions. He can’t be the goddamned distraction! And Rudy Giuliani has turned his boss into the focus of the distraction.

But there is at least one person in the Trump administration that has to be tickled pink right about now. It wouldn’t be surprising to me if he was kicking some of his unspent past campaign contributions into the fund to pay Rudy. And that person is Scott Pruitt.

Lord and little fishes, if ever there was a person on the planet who needs a distraction the way a fish needs water right now, it’s Scott Pruitt. Up until now, Pruitt has been doing the work of Rudy Giuliani, Pruitt himself has been the distraction that has allowed Trump to skate under the radar for so long. And now it’s Pruitt himself that is the beneficiary of someone else hogging the limelight for a while.

Late last week, as if a dozen active federal and ethics investigations wasn’t already enough, Pruitt got another bucket of shit dumped on his head. It was reported by multiple outlets, that when he took office, Pruitt had a “bucket list” of at least a dozen foreign countries that he personally wanted to visit, and set his staff loose, trying to concoct “official reasons” for Pruitt to go there on the taxpayer dime. At last count, I believe that Pruitt had already hit 10-12, and knowing Pruitt, he’s hard at work on an auxiliary list for backup.

In a “normal” week, with a “normal” administration, and with “normal” amounts of reporting, accountability, and shame, Scott Pruitt wouldn’t have lasted 48 hours. Instead, when I did a Google search on “Scott Pruitt travel bucket list,” none of the top five links were to major news organizations, like CNN, the NY Times, NBC News, or any other, and I only learned of it as an almost throwaway line on MSNBC a night or so ago.

So, right now, it is pretty well guaranteed that Scott Pruitt will be the one cabinet member who will tout Rudy Giuliani as the greatest legal mind since Clarence Darrow to Trump. Because, if Trump reaches up, grabs the handle, and pulls the chain to flush Giuliani down the shitter, then Scott Pruitt’s last lifeline may have just gone down the drain in a swirling vortex of water. But that’s OK, the old saying only warns against flushing baby alligators down the toilet, not full grown crocodiles. God, I love it when they eat their young!



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