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According to German newspaper, Bild, Angela Merkel told a crowd of 2,000 that the US is no longer a an indispensable partner and Europe must fight for its own fate.

(Translated from the article)

“The times when we could completely rely on others are a little over. I have experienced this in the last few days,” Merkel said on Sunday at a beer tent in Munich-Trudering. “We Europeans really have to take our fate into their own hands,” she said under the applause of the 2000 listeners in the beer tent.

In her words, Merkel referred to the new US government of Donald Trump, but she also included the imminent Brexit of Great Britain. It would, of course, remain with the friendship with the USA and Great Britain. “But we must know we must fight for our fate.”

Almost coinciding with Merkel’s speech, Trump published a new tweet on Twitter on Sunday afternoon. “Just back from Europe. The trip was a great success for America. Hard work, but great effect! “He wrote. Earlier, he said the G7 Summit had been a “great productive meeting” with “great people” and “great progress”.

The isolation of the US from its traditional partners will become even more pronounced when Trump announces his intention to withdraw from the Paris Accord this week.

We live in new times. I don’t like them.

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