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A journalist at the Alabama Political Reporter tweeted this:


As you know, Roy Moore’s best and only defense to theallegations of molestation and assault has been to ask why did theaccusers wait so long to come forward, and then accuse them ofpromulgating fake news. The lawyer for one of the accusersaddressed that issue. ABC News:

And the lawyer for a woman who says Moore dated her when she was18 and he was in his 30s and supplied her with alcohol before shewas of legal drinking age responded later Saturday to thecandidate’s comments. Paula Cobia, lawyer for Gloria Deason,blasted Moore for making what she called “defamatory statements”about “4 brave women.”

“He knows full well why these women did nottell what he did to them before this week,” Cobia wrote ina statement posted on Facebook on Saturday. “As youngteenage girls in the late 1970s in a small, rural southerntown, they had no way of knowing their rights, especially againsthim considering that he was a district attorney atthe time.”

Roy Moore clearly has a history of abuse of power. His actionswhen State Supreme Court judge indicate a flagrant disregard forthe rule of law as well, not to mention the Constitution. This manis dangerous. He doesn’t belong in the United States Senate.

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