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Donald Trump heard the news about the New York Times article on Don McGahn refusing to fire Mueller Friday morning in Davos, and he dismissed it cavalierly, “Fake news, nothing but fake news folks.” Lawrence O’Donnell did a synopsis of the news, and was practically laughing out loud as he simply outlined the meaning of what has been revealed in the past 24 hours and how it impacts Trump-Russia.

Transcript: “It says Robert Mueller learned about it in recent months as his team interviewed current and former white house officials in his inquiry about whether the president obstructed justice. So Robert Mueller knows. Robert Mueller knows that the president tried to fire him. Robert Mueller wants to interview the president in his investigation into possible obstruction of justice by the president, and he knows that one of the pieces of evidence of obstruction of justice is that the president tried to fire him. The president’s firing of FBI director James Comey provoked the appointment of the special prosecutor, who is investigating the president for obstruction of justice because of the firing of James Comey. And now we know the president tried to fire the special prosecutor himself. And now Donald Trump knows that the special prosecutor knows that the president tried to fire him. Is the president still eager tonight, as he says he was last night, to be interviewed by the special prosecutor who knows the president tried to fire him?”

After a lovely non-vacation in Switzerland where he was protested and boo-ed, now Trump comes home to the Trump Russia investigation and an interview with Robert Mueller, not to mention an apparently angry wife who went to Mar-a-Lago to sulk about her latest humiliation at the hands of her husband, the Stormy Daniels, scandal. What a life. 

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