Laura Ingraham consoles Black people by saying law enforcement treated Trump horribly, too

psbsve / Flickr Laura Ingraham joins Fox News evening...
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Yup. Exactly the same. A Black man getting his throat crushed by a cop is exactly the same thing as the FBI investigating a presidential candidate’s numerous sketchy ties to — and lies about — Russia during and after an election in which Vladimir Putin clearly worked to help elect that candidate.

Exactly the same.

INGRAHAM: “And to our African American fellow citizens I say this. Given his own experience with an out-of-control FBI and unfair investigations, given all his work now on criminal justice reform, President [sic] Trump knows how poisonous and out-of-control law enforcement process can be. We should spend more time trying to work together to ensure that we have a fair and just society. All human beings have inherent worth. All of them are endowed by God with certain inalienable rights. From the evidence available thus far, it looks like George Floyd was denied his.”

This is like saying Whole Foods was out of the tofu curried salad I usually get so I understand famine, too.

How white people (and, for the record, I’m white) can see horrors like this and still make it all about themselves is … what’s the word? … un-f*#king-believable.

Of course, this was broadcast before Donald Trump advocated shooting protesters, so I’m sure she’ll walk it back later tonight.


Of course, she will.


I think she will.


Okay, maybe not.


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Sure ldiot Laura, a wealthy trump was harassed. You and that thing you protect fo not know the meaning of harrassment and persecution. You and you bug mouth and cery stupid opinions Have NEVER EVER FELT WHAT BLACK PERSON HAS FELT FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS, hell you get all worked up when your hair isn’t right or someone did not pamper or change your diapers. You do not have the RIGHT to say nothing about what they suffer and what trump did . He kicked blacks out of their apartments when he owned them. Do us a MAJOR FAVOR JUST… Read more »
John Johnson
John Johnson