Monday, February 17, 2020

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Mike Pence’s Chief Of Staff Throws Bill Barr To the Wolves

Don’t look for too much honor among thieves, at least not in this White House. Nobody is safe from anybody, as long as the agenda of the Big Orange Goon is served — and that mandate changes from moment to moment.  Marc Short, Chief of Staff to Mike Pence, said that Bill Barr acted of his own volition in seeking to reduce Roger Stone’s sentence and that Donald Trump didn’t say one word — directly, that is. Right. On CNN, Marc Short, chief of staff for Pence, insists AG Barr's move to reduce Roger Stone's sentencing recommendation was a decision he made independently of Trump's Twitter tantrum on the same topic because "he said the president has not called him directly to do these things." — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) February 16, 2020 No, Trump might not have “called directly” but he certainly tweeted directly, not just to Bill Barr but to the world. As Michael Cohen said, Trump would speak in code and one would know what he wanted done. The code words which Trump employed with respect to Stone’s sentence, “horrible” and “unfair” were not exactly cryptography. Anybody reading that tweet knew what Trump wanted. Or, maybe Bill Barr didn’t know about the tweet, and never has cause to speak to Trump or know his mind, and just out of the blue decided poor Roger Stone had gotten a raw deal and it was time to weaponize the DOJ and help him out — and it’s mere coincidence that Stone is one of Trump’s oldest friends. Right. And Short also says that the White House has a lot of confidence in Barr — even after his comment that Trump should stop tweeting about him. Isn’t that amusing, that Short is trying to gaslight us into thinking that Barr’s P.R. stunt is real. So, let’s keep score here now: Barr is trying to convince us all he’s independent from Trump and so is the DOJ and Short is trying to convince us that everything in this White House is normal. It’s going to be a long year. Look at what we’ve already been through and it’s the middle of February.  

Saving Private Bonespurs and Other Trump Movie Titles Trending on Twitter

#ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump is up and trending today. All you have to do is replace Trump with a movie title — and add a picture, if you like. As ridiculous as Trump is in “real” life, transposing his persona to the silver screen does yield some gems. Here are some of the favorites so far. Forrest Trump. #ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump — Kalecgos (@piousbrony) February 17, 2020 Goodfelons#ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump — Celebriety – Get Clear (@andfeelgood) February 17, 2020 Clear and president danger #ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump — Karen cooper (@i_am_k_cooper) February 17, 2020 How about “White Men Can’t Trump?” and “Trump White and the Seven Nazis?” Here’s a good one, “Trumpback Mountain.” Or this, “Saving Private Bonespurs.” Trumpmageddon#ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump — Robin Moore (@robinv0001) February 17, 2020 The Wizard of Fraud #ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump — Olive Stem (@olivestemstrong) February 17, 2020 #ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump Impeachment Day — Kidar Wolf (@KidarWolf) February 17, 2020 Comb Me If You Can #ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump — Medic Dave (@DavidLo27560362) February 16, 2020 Fat and Furious #ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump — Impeached King Trump* the 3rd (@realTrumpClone) February 16, 2020 The Devil Wears Tanner#ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump — εѵα ✨ (@minervastreep) February 16, 2020 THE BIG ZELENSKYYou don't think it was a perfect call?Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.#ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump — Thinking About It (@Jorlev_11) February 17, 2020 And the tweet goes on. Any ideas for a movie title? Share them in the comments.
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Pete Buttigieg retorts: Not going to ‘take lectures on family values’ from Rush Limbaugh

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Facebook changes policy for ads after Bloomberg memes make a buzz on Instagram

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OUCH! FOX News Reminds Kellyanne Conway that Trump is a Serial Sexual Predator

There are innumerable reasons to be disgusted by Donald Trump. He is an unapologetic racist who praised neo-Nazis as "very fine people.". He ripped...