Late night comedians call out Trump’s racism, once again putting reporters to shame

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Too bad we can’t deport Trump to Nazi Germany. Once again, late night comedians are doing what the supposedly liberal mainstream media doesn’t have the guts to do: call out Trump for being such a racist bastard.

Quick recap: in a series of extremely offensive tweets, Trump suggested that four U. S. Congresswomen, three of whom were born here in the United States and all of whom are U. S. citizens, should go back where they came from.

Most news outlets, instead of saying Trump’s racist tweets were racist, instead called them “racially infused,” “racially tinged” or some other lame euphemism so that they can lie to themselves about being unbiased and impartial.

As with so many other things these days, it falls to the late night comedians to report these things honestly.

After talking about the power outage in New York, Stephen Colbert moved on to talking about how Trump’s obviously racist tweets were in fact racist.

Then Colbert showed some of his vacation photos.

Late night comedians sorely need vacations now. Jay Leno could go on vacation for a month, come back and still have room in his show to make jokes about The Bachelor.

Now Colbert goes on vacation for a couple of weeks and he has a bunch of horrible news that are difficult to joke about. How do you crack a joke about registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s ties to Trump?

Seth Meyers was also off last week. He started out his first new show of the week with a quick mention of the racist tweets and some other news, then devoted the “Closer Look” segment to the topic.

Some of the commenters on YouTube mentioned Robert Mueller’s upcoming testimony and that there are still kids in cages, separated from their parents.

Which is a good point. But between Colbert and Meyers, they only have two hours. If we can’t count on reporters to report honestly on Trump’s obviously racist tweets, we can’t count on them to report honestly on all the other crap that’s going on.

The late night comedians can’t take up all of the reporters’ abdicated responsibilities.

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John R. Frain
John R. Frain

And his supporters defend it. Pathetic.


Trumpty dumpty tweeted a great wall. Now we wish he was in jail(small). Pelosi and Schumer say that’s a bummer more concerned about votes than the next international blunder, a war no national security. Trump rules us all till lawmakers finally heed the call. Oh and by the way America is still flagged as hostile just to be clear.