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Donald Trump achieved a new milestone: Last week was the most dishonest week of his young presidency.

From last Thursday, the six-month anniversary of his presidency, to this Wednesday, he made 33 false claims. That’s about five every day. Starting Saturday, when this barrage really began, it’s about seven per day.

Trump made the false claims in every possible venue: an interview with the Wall Street Journal (11 false claims) to a campaign rally in Ohio (five false claims) to a speech to the National Boy Scout Jamboree (four false claims).

Why the ramp-up in fraudulent statements? Well, he did talk more than usual last week, so perhaps it was just a matter of volume. He might also be more on edge lately because of the whole bit about his White House collapsing around him, his State and Defense heads needing a break from talking to him, and oh-by-the-way the now confirmed by his own dullard son news that yes, the Donald Trump presidential campaign indeed actively sought to collude with covert Russian efforts to help his candidacy and leak information about Hillary Clinton.

Or maybe he’s becoming more mentally imbalanced by the day. Can’t rule that out.

In any event, congratulations to Dumbass Von Tinyfingers for breaking his own record. He lied more in the last week than at any prior point of his “presidency,” and that took some serious work.

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