Lamar Alexander’s Real Admission. The GOP Is Dead?


The big news of the night is that Lamar Alexander doesn’t need to hear from any more witnesses, or see any more documents and evidence. Because he’s already made up his mind, basically that Trump is guilty! That’s a bold admission from a sitting Republican, any Republican, even one who’s retiring, and no longer has to risk the ire of the slobbering undead that is Trump’s base. But that admission comes with a potentially much darker undertone.

Lamar Alexander was not ambiguous in his statement. Alexander needs no more documents or testimony because the House managers convinced him that Trump did exactly what they said that he did. Not only that, but Alexander plainly admits that it was wrong for Trump to do it, and then to try to cover it up. Lamar Alexander is willing to publicly admit that his party’s president is a criminal.

But it’s what comes next that is critical, not only to Alexander’s legacy as a Senator, but to the entire GOP as a viable national political party going forward. Because whether or not additional witnesses and documents are approved tomorrow, in the very near future, Lamar Alexander is going to have an even more important decision to make, and as Joe Louis liked to opine, Nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide.

In the days ahead, Lamar Alexander is going to have to stand there in the well of the Senate, and announce whether or not he votes to convict Donald John Trump of abuse of power. And that vote will be far more consequential, both to his own personal legacy, as well as the future of the GOP than any printed statement he could release.

Because if Lamar Alexander votes form the well of the Senate to convict Trump of abuse of power, then Alexander sends a powerful signal that there are still traditional conservatives out there, even if they’re on the way out the door, who will still stand by their conservative principles and vote for what’s right, even if it’s against their party line. Then it will be up to all of the rest of the Senators in the Republican caucus to make it clear where their true loyalties to their oaths lie. But Alexander will have laid his marker in history.

But if Alexander stands in the well of the Senate and votes to acquit Trump of the charge of abuse of power, then it means that not only is Alexander an ass hat and no cattle bullshit artist, but that the Republican party as we know it is truly dead, it is now officially the Party of Trump. Because it will mean that the official Republican party response to a clearly defined and laid out criminal president will be, Fuck it. There’s an election in 10 months. Let those idiots figure this out, I’m, not sticking my neck out!

This is what makes Alexander’s statement tonight so critical, but what makes what follows even more critical. How many Republican Senators who appear to be on the fence about calling more witnesses and accessing documents are really on the fence about whether or not Traitor Tot is guilty, and how many of them are just using the situation as an excuse to delay the inevitable day of reckoning? Lamar Alexander has already stated what they all already know. The only question is what are they going to do about it, and their oaths to their constituents and the United States constitution. The answer to that question in the coming days will determine the fate of the GOP as a viable national party for all time.

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He’s already stated that he doesn’t believe Trump’s crimes are impeachable, so he’s going to vote to acquit, like all his GOP colleagues. The GOP acquittal means that hereinafter, it is permissible for a US politician to ask for foreign help on a political opponent. Should be easy enough for a foreign power to provide substantial dirt on Trump. Start with Russia. Go on Vlad, you know you want to. Your boy’s gonna lose in 2020, so punish him now, and get in the good books of the next US president, whoever he or she may be. It’s not impeachable,… Read more »
J. M.
J. M.

No the GOP is not dead. They are going stronger than ever. Isn’t it obvious?