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Donald Trump has been noticeably, well, aloof the past few days, skipping World War I commemorations and generally Twitter-pouting like a spurned teenage boy.

Now, the Los Angeles Times has the inside scoop on Trump’s dour mood as of late.

[H]is mood apparently has changed as he has taken measure of the electoral backlash that voters delivered Nov. 6. With the certainty that the incoming Democratic House majority will go after his tax returns and investigate his actions, and the likelihood of additional indictments by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, Trump has retreated into a cocoon of bitterness and resentment, according to multiple administration sources.

Hey, most people would be bummed out if a lifetime of hard criminal work was about to be undone just because most of the country noticed they were criminals. But Trump still has a job to do, and he’s resolutely determined not to do it.

Behind the scenes, they say, the president has lashed out at several aides, from junior press assistants to senior officials. “He’s furious,” said one administration official. “Most staffers are trying to avoid him.”

The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, painted a picture of a brooding president “trying to decide who to blame” for Republicans’ election losses, even as he publicly and implausibly continues to claim victory.

Oh, what fun!

But there’s more:

And, according to a source outside the White House who has spoken recently with the president, last week’s Wall Street Journal report confirming Trump’s central role during the 2016 campaign in quietly arranging payoffs for two women alleging affairs with him seemed to put him in an even worse mood.

Publicly, Trump has been increasingly absent in recent days — except on Twitter. He has canceled travel plans and dispatched Cabinet officials and aides to events in his place — including sending Vice President Mike Pence to Asia for the annual summits there in November that past presidents nearly always attended.

Nothing but good news here. If administration officials could keep him in bed rage-tweeting for the next two years, that could only be a plus for the country. Maybe they could wheel him out like Hannibal Lecter for an occasional state dinner with Montenegro’s prime minister. That’s more than fine with me.

That said, he clearly owes “low-stamina Hillary” and “low-energy Jeb” a big, fat apology.

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  1. “Karma’s a bitch”, as they say. Even if there is no obviously easy way to remove Trump, (without the co-operation of the GOP), his remaining days in the WH, until 2021 will be the misery that he deserves. And may that misery increase daily by the indictments and subpoenas that are heading his way, either to his family members, or to the Trump Organisation, resulting in the collapse of the whole criminal organisation, piece by tiny piece.

    The GOP’s reluctance to exercise its checks and balances power is also likely to remain as the status quo, because there are too many cases of corruption and possible exposure of illegal activity, (such as stealing the SCOTUS appointment of Obama).

    Win, win.

    Who was it who said, “We gonna win so much, you may even get tired of winning!”? The name is on the tip of my tongue, and it’s tastes like a bitter gourd. It tastes so, so sweet.

  2. If the whole Trump crime family, and the Republican Congressional traitors all end up in jail, it will have made this 2 years of torture well worth it. Hopefully, this experienced has been a wake up call for the American public – pay attention, vet your candidates, read, listen, learn. I’m as guilty as the next guy – this couldn’t happen in America….until it did! One fu*king charlatan con man, one traitorous, corrupt, Congress, and voila! – we’re a banana republic. One thing I do know – they can’t be let off the hook to just walk away with their pensions, lifetime health care, security and all the other perks of congress men and women. They have to be held responsible and pay a price. That includes early deserter Paul Ryan, who has his cushy next life all planned out. Justice is required.


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