Not content to let Joe Manchin get all the credit for dooming voting rights legislation, Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema just went on the floor of the Senate and delivered a defense of the filibuster more and hypocritical than I even thought possible.

Shortly before President Biden was due to arrive at the Capitol to speak with the Senate Democratic caucus about voting rights, Sinema essentially told him not to bother because she was steadfast in her refusal to change the chamber’s rules — even for democracy-saving legislation.


In defending the indefensible, Sinema chastised Democratic leaders for not working harder to do the impossible: get Republicans on board with voting rights legislation or rules changes. Sinema claimed to still support voting rights reform, but made it clear that she valued a procedural maneuver historically used to block civil rights and voting rights reform.

Sinema zeroed in on the past three months as the time when they should have been reaching out across the aisle — a period of time when Sinema was busy killing Democrats’ economic agenda and collecting big checks from corporate lobbyists. Oh, and trying to get an undocumented kid deported.

Her real boss seems to be happy with her, at least.

The grassroots movement to primary Sinema is about to hit top gear. We need to support it.

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