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This is just friggin’ ridiculous. 

Even though the State department has been decimated of experienced diplomats by TrumpCorpse, we still have a Secretary of State, such as he is, and decisions as important as changing a seventy year policy on one of the most contentious issues in one of the most volatile spots in the world should be handled by someone with that title.

Not your wet-behind-the-ears son in law.


“Jared Kushner is betting the house on a risky strategy Middle East experts worry will derail any future Israeli-Palestinian peace deal – as well as what remains of the powerful son-in-law’s shrinking West Wing portfolio.

He privately encouraged Trump’s announcement Wednesday that “Jerusalem is Israel’s capital,” which was seen by some experts in the region as a setback for peace efforts led by Kushner and his small team. The group has made dozens of trips to the region and spent hours on listening tours, working to gain the trust of the Palestinians and the broader Arab world.

“It is very, very hard to imagine how that peace effort can be continued,” said Ghaith al-Omari, who served as an adviser to the Palestinian Authority’s negotiating team from 1999 to 2002. “All the Arab leaders who have been cultivating relations with the new administration will be forced to come out very strongly against this.”

But a person close to Kushner said he was forceful in his backing of the move. “Encouraging would be an understatement,” the person said. “It was him.”

Sorry to interrupt the Franken/Bus mash up (I think he should get his investigation) but I found this infuriating and kinda important.

And insane.

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