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Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff / Flickr

After slow-walking and/or stonewalling the investigation into potential Trump campaign links to the Russian government, the explosive news that Jared Kushner, campaign head Paul Manafort, and Donald Trump Jr. attended a Trump Tower meeting held to pass on information on Trump’s election opponent under the direct auspices of a Russian government plan to assist his campaign was too much for the Republican-led Senate committees investigating Russia’s influence in the 2016 elections to ignore: ABC News is reporting that Jared Kushner will testify next Monday in a private session with the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, meanwhile, will be hearing from “witnesses” Paul Manafort and Donald Trump Jr. That hearing is now scheduled to take place on Wednesday.

Won’t that be fun. It will be interesting to see how many times the younger Trump’s story will have changed, between then and now, and whether their stories next week will even remotely line up.

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