Kushner Dodges Subpoena, Judge Says Stop Playing “Game”. Game’s Over.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff / Flickr jared kushner sitting awkwardly...
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff / Flickr

If Trump’s spectacle with Russia needed a sideshow, here it is: Jared Kushner has been dodging a court summons.  According to Politico a court filing on July 17 claims that Kushner has avoided the service of a subpoena at least six times since June.  The complaint is the most recent development in the Democratic National Committee’s lawsuit claiming Trump’s presidential campaign conspired with Russia in 2016 at the expense of Hillary Clinton.

The court filing said court documents were sent three times to Kushner’s Manhattan apartment but were refused, they were sent to Kushner’s Washington home, where Secret Service agents told the process server to “You’re going to need to find another way to serve that” and then DNC lawyers tried to send the court documents by certified mail.  They were returned to sender.

This is about as mature as closing your eyes, plugging your ears and then saying it doesn’t exist.

After the story broke, and a New York federal judge said formal delivery of a lawsuit isn’t a “game”.  This finally provoked Kushner’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell to accept service of the DNC’s complaint on July 18.

In its filing, the DNC said it served all the defendants in their lawsuit.  These include the Trump Campaign, Donald Trump Jr., Roger Stone, George Papadopoulos, Paul Manafort, Richard Gates and Emin Agalarov.  The DNC suit also names foreign defendants including Russia, WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

Game’s up, Kushner!  Time to face reality.

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Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

It’s all catching up with this piece of scum. They all think they are above the law. Money can only buy you freedom for so long. Only a guilty man tries to run and hide.


It’s a pattern like when he kept delaying updating his security clearance.
These crooks have no respect for our justice system. The judge hit the nail on the head, they think it’s a big game and they think they are safe under the shadow of the Orangw Menace.