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Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald has a history with Fox News, most notably the incident last December when after an epic on air battle with Tucker Carlson a Fox News fan sent a strobing gif to Eichenwald via Twitter which caused the writer to suffer an epileptic seizure. Currently, on Fox’s Jesse Watters show Saturday, Watters nominated “tentacle porn fan” Kurt Eichenwald for the “Fake News Of The Year Award,” an award which is part of Donald Trump’s “Most Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards of the Year.”  Mediaite:

Watters spent nearly five minutes of his Saturday night show going over some of Eichenwald’s greatest hits — including the time he accidentally posted a picture of himself viewing anime Hentai pornography on Twitter.

“Kurt accidentally posted porn that he had been looking at. He tweeted a screen shot of his computer with animated Japanese pornography,” said Watters — which is, amazingly, true as the Vanity Fair contributing editor mistakenly exposed his interest in anime porn in June 2017.

Eichenwald later posted an explanation for the porn mishap, saying he only had the Hentai up on his browser because he was trying to “convince” his wife that such videos existed on the internet.

Eichenwald contacted Watters three times, and emailed him, saying “You have called me a pervert a liar and a fraud without performing even basic reporting,” and then he took to Twitter, saying amongst other things, “I will not be the next George Tiller,” referring to the Wichita doctor who was murdered by an anti-abortion zealot after Bill O’Reilly attacked Tiller on air, calling him “Killer Tiller.”

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