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Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman truly hates conservatives posing as centrists or even as serious economists and the clueless beltway reporters that prop them up. And he does not mince his words when exposing the fraud called Paul Ryan or the various so-called economists on the right that sing the praises of tax-cuts and show great concern for budget deficits except when they don’t.

This morning Krugman decided to put former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz through the mill; Schultz, who has wafty aspirations to run for the presidency in 2020 as an independent, and who has gone on record attacking Elizabeth Warren’s tax proposal and Kamala Harris’s medicare proposal, has offered nothing besides his usual platitudes about Washington and the two-party system being broken, etc.

Take a look at these series of tweets from Krugman. As usual, Krugman’s words are carefully chosen and are chock-full of information and insights. And humor. E.g., “For Schultz is basically the very model of a major modern centrist.”

Here is Elizabeth Warren’s full-bodied response to Schultz’s weak-tea attack on her tax proposal –

Schultz’s bean-headed attack on Harris. Healthcare, coffee, what’s the difference?

Who seriously thinks that this is a serious candidate or that he will appeal to Democrats or that he is not playing the game for personal gain? Somewhere, there is a book to be sold. Somewhere in the parlors of the ultra-rich, there is fear brewing of the Democratic tax plans.  Hence, perhaps the desire to keep Republicans in power by attacking Democrats. Let’s expose Schultz for what he is — a rich conservative wolf in centrist clothing.

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  1. That would be a “rich conservative wolf in centrist sheep’s clothing”, if you ou please. Hurled the vente latte out the nose on that one!

  2. Who the hell believes that running a coffee shop qualifies another idiot to govern any of us? NO NO NO not another mistake like baby trumper IS SO NOT going to happen-Who do they think they are, just arrogance and he or anyone
    Like him is asking for violence because it is enraging American people….we don’t need another huge mistake from some wealthy white guy…..


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