Well, it happened. Our Governor, Kristi Noem, in her continued quest to raise her national GOP profile ahead of 2024, visited a non-Fox, non-OANN platform to engage with a national audience on Face The Nation today.  

She whiffed.

Margaret Brennan did us a huge favor by not letting her change the question about the tragic amount of COVID-19 death here in the Rushmore State. 

I sure hope this is a pattern. Those of us that have been enduring her actions (and her inaction and absence) in South Dakota really don’t wish her on the rest of you.

MARGARET BRENNAN: So that’s why I’m asking about your state. They have not said yes. So for your state, you have, if you look at starting in July, which was after that spring peak, you have the highest death rate in cumulative COVID deaths per million in the country. The CDC says you have the eighth highest death rate per capita now. I’m not talking about infection rates. I know you’re conservative and you care about the sanctity of life. So how can you justify making decisions that put the health of your constituents at risk?

GOV. NOEM: And those are questions that you should be asking every other governor in this country as well. The region that–

MARGARET BRENNAN: I’m asking you today, Madam. You’re our–

GOV. NOEM: –South Dakota’s in–

MARGARET BRENNAN: –you’re facing the nation.


MARGARET BRENNAN: Let’s talk about that, because there is a $12 billion price tag that has been pegged to the impact of and fallout from that Sturgis motorcycle rally that you hosted in your state in August. It is blamed for seeding the entire Midwest outbreak that hit on that late summer through the fall. Do you take personal responsibility for that?

GOV. NOEM: Well, that is completely false information. That is not true, and we need to tell the–

MARGARET BRENNAN: This is a San Diego State University study.

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