House Speaker-delegate Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) raises the gavel after being elected as House Speaker as the U.S. House of Representatives meets for the start of the 116th Congress inside the House Chamber on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., January 3, 2019. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY - RC14633F83E0

Donald Trump releasing the transcript with the Ukrainian president, has Russia in a bit of a panic, so the Kremlin sent a warning from his buddy Vladimir Putin.

Asked if Moscow is worried that the White House could similarly publish transcripts of Trump’s calls with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that “we would like to hope that it wouldn’t come to that in our relations, which are already troubled by a lot of problems.”

The Kremlin’s thinking here may be: If Trump released a call that implicated him in an impeachable offense, what’s to prevent him from repeating the same kind of error in the future with Russia?

I believe Russia confirms this thinking, with its propaganda attack by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova against our very own Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Me thinks Putin is very worried.

“Is it the Democrats’ job to make a laughing stock of the United States?” she said. “It’s exactly what Ms. Pelosi has done to Congress, the White House and other state institutions.”

I actually believe this attack is a huge compliment of Nancy Pelosi’s superior intellect, political skills and depth of experience and these attributes likely had Trump in knots during his reported desperation call to make a deal on impeachment.

This powerful exchange with Trump, reported by the New York Times in a piece that highlights the depth of Pelosi’s career in Congress, and how her experience will help in the drive to impeach Trump.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Trump were discussing gun violence over the telephone Tuesday morning when the president abruptly changed the topic to an intelligence community whistle-blower complaint that had Democrats talking about impeachment.

Ms. Pelosi stopped him short.

“Mr. President,” she declared, according to a person familiar with the conversation, “you have come into my wheelhouse.”

It’s Speaker Pelosi’s “wheelhouse” that has Russia concerned and the Kremlin knows that she is a serious threat to their continued control of Trump. Their desperate propaganda attack against Pelosi confirms it.

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  1. Yes now we know. There are bad things on trump calls to old Vladimir. It’s got his panties all in a knot. Well ain’t that to bad. Might be able to gin up support to get one or two of those calls. Now that takes experience. I was wondering but when she hits the ball it’s out of the park.

  2. ..It would appear that Pelosi has been playing chess , while Trumps playing checkers .
    …She’s taking Trump to the (long game).
    Like ,maybe (Hughe Long )??


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