Know Robert Hyde? It Seems As Though All Republicans Do


Until yesterday afternoon, I had never heard the name Robert Hyde. This obviously underscores the degree to which the evidence dump will resonate through the impeachment proceedings. We have a new witness, and the witness is someone whom Republicans will disavow, which they will find necessary, yet exceedingly difficult.

Robert Hyde is a Republican candidate for the House in Connecticut. He has never been elected. And yet the man got around. We have already posted pics of Hyde with the Bada-Bing team, Rudy, Parnas, etc. But his penetration into the halls of power goes a bit deeper, much deeper.

Gaetz had a super bad day yesterday. Not only did Hyde surface, but so did news that our frat boy was involved with some other pols in Florida that competed for points garnered by sleeping with interns, staffers, etc. Hard to imagine, I know. It seems Gaetz believes “family values” means sleeping with other family’s college daughters.

But we have bigger fish to fry:

Wow. VP Pence.

Time for a blast from the past:

Who saw this coming?

Whoa. Rand? That is not good, he is a “juror.”

I know you are waiting for it, and it’s cruel to let y’all hang like this, so:

There we are.

I realize that lots of pictures get taken by lots of people. But you don’t get a collection like that, pics with all kinds of Republicans from across the spectrum, by just waiting in line for the White House tour. You have to actually have met with each of these people, and no one will convince me it is simply a coincidence that Hyde simply ran into folks while busy doing good work for the people of the United States.

No, he was a player, though a very dark one, one whose role was kept extremely secret. There is no other explanation as to how a complete nobody was involved so deeply in the Ukraine matter, while also finding himself in selfies with so many other Republican pols.

Hyde’s response to the revelations is already problematic for Trump and the others. Hyde sounds like the half-cocked, foul-mouthed, vindictive-type that would gladly go after that “f****g b****” Yovanovitch.

This might be the guy that takes the entire Trump White House down, and Trump’s apologists in Congress along with him. It seems increasingly likely.

Either way, Hyde is a problem for the defense. Hyde may find himself in real trouble, looking for innocent explanations, and may need to “turn,” and blame others. After all, if the president tells you to do something, what choice do you have?



Peace, y’all

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From what I heard on the Rachel Madow show last night that this guy is a real dooosy. I guess he even got tossed out of the southern white house a while ago for being a drunken obnoxious prick. Boy ole grumpfy picks nothing but the best. Sheeezz


Pathetic Mob.


“Hyde’s got nothin to hide”, Jekyll and Hyde together again… fitting that another fat dumb@ss is going to take the party of type 2 diabetes down!