Killing two birds with one stone.

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This article is actually a follow up to, or rather an extension to the article I just wrote this morning on what I think may be the Democrats strategy for going forward with the impeachment of His Lowness. To get the full import of what I’m going to talk about here, it would probably be beneficial if you have already read that article.

From the earliest days of the Mueller investigation, the GOP’s defensed against impeachment has been a two pronged approach. The first prong of the fork is their unshakable belief that there is no crime that Trump could commit that would turn his core base of support against him. This is as undeniably true today as it was back then, and it allows the GOP to continue to support El Pendejo Presidente, because it keeps Trump’s base loyal to the as well. Nothing I can see moving forward will change that dynamic.

The second prong was that they could vote to acquit Trump with impunity simply because any case against him would be too nebulous and legalistic for the Democrat to make the general public understand and support it. That was certainly true in the Mueller investigation. The ties between the Trump campaign and Russia were ephemeral at best, with huge holes left by evidence that could tie it all together being lost to Mueller because it was located in Russia. Then the Democrats branched off into obstruction of justice against Trump, which only led some to believe that their case against Trump for “collusion” wasn’t strong enough.

The plan for the newly victorious Trump and the GOP steaming forward into 2020 is a simple one. The GOP incumbents could explain away their treachery by saying that they had voted to acquit Trump simply because the Democrats had been unable to convincingly make their case. This would earn GOP incumbents the gratitude of Trump’s slavish base, and allow Trump to equate that bogus acquittal with “exoneration,” thereby not only jazzing up his base, but also hoping to convert that appearance of being a “winner” to woo back some of the support he had thrown away with his previous churlish behavior.

This is the thing that has hampered Speaker Pelosi on pulling the trigger on impeachment, even with the much easier to understand Ukraine scandal. If impeachment is an inherently political process, and everybody is sick to death of “politics as usual,” then why impeach Trump, and give him the chance to use hie already predetermined “exoneration” in the Senate as a campaign rallying cry for 2020?

But, if the Democrats are planning what I think they are moving forward, and as I explained in my earlier article, then the paradigm of that calculation may already be shifting. The original calculation was that if the voting public didn’t buy their political argument for impeaching Trump, then they wouldn’t buy the Democrats post acquittal political arguments for the necessity of impeaching him in the first place, which would allow Dipshit Donnie to win that battle hands down. But if the Democrats go down the road I think they’re going to, they largely negate that consideration.

Because hopefully, the Democrats are going to take this impeachment process out of the realm of the political, and instead try it in the court of public opinion as a criminal matter. Several legal analysts recently, on both CNN as well as MSNBC, have stated that if the evidence were valid they already have everything that they need to obtain an extortion conviction in criminal court. And if the Democrats pivot successfully from the political quid pro quo argument, which the GOP vehemently denies, and instead agree with the GOP, and hammer away at the criminality of attempted criminal extortion, and prove it, then the GOP’s talking point is moot.

Who cares if The Mango Messiah bellows to the heavens about his exoneration in the Senate. I wrote previously that Trump and the GOP are making a horrendous mistake in customizing their defense and messaging solely at Trump’s base. Hell, he already owns those slobbering bed wetters lock, stock and barrel. Who they need to be reaching out to is the independent and “soft” voters in both parties you know, the ones Trump threw away? And that’s exactly who the Democrats post acquittal message is going to be playing to.

Because the Democrats have the chance to flip the script here. The GOP’s argument has always been that the Democrats are trying to use a purely political process to make up for a blown election in 2016. But if the Democrats play this properly, they can use the impeachment process to argue forcefully that if it weren’t for the GOP using a purely political process to subvert the legal system, then The Pampers President would already be modeling an orange jumpsuit, and cutting up old jackpots with Michael Cohen over their protein loaf for lunch. And if the Democrats have done their job, and convicted Trump in the court of public opinion which argument do you think a bunch of voters who are not already under Trump’s spell will believe? I know which one I pick.

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Extortion is a wonderful word, oooohhhh yeah

Mick owens
Mick owens

Im trying to understand, why impeach him if its not going to convict???…it will just give the fkwt a cause to talk up