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“Nina Khrushcheva resides in NYC, teaching International Affairs at the New School, and is actually the great- granddaughter of former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev. Because her real grandfather, Leonid — Stalin’s son, died In World War II, Nikita took Nina’s mother — Leonid’s daughter Julia, to raise and so Nina came to think of the shoe-pounder as her grandfather.

Wednesday, thinking about drumpf’s threats Tuesday to “challenge” NBC’s license for reporting the truth, she told HuffPo:

“Somewhere on the way to his real estate/reality TV career he forgot his lessons in civics and American democracy from high school. Or maybe he always had an ‘F’ in those subjects; being rich, he didn’t and still doesn’t think they apply to him. For that we are all paying dearly.

And the longer he stays in, offering more and more somewhat Stalinesque amendments to American democracy, the more autocratic erosion to this once wonderful system we will experience.”

This is not the first time Nina has spoken up about her dislike of the Donald:

You tell him Nina.

Though I think even your Grandpapa might chafe at comparing Stalin to drumpf.

No matter what else you think of him, Uncle Joe could at least find Poland on a map and had good hair.

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