in 2017, Elizabeth Warren spoke on the Senate floor  opposing the nomination of uber-racist Jeff Sessions. She simply read a 1986 letter penned from the wife of Dr. Martin Luther King on his lack of fitness to be a federal judge. McConnell rebuked and silenced her for violating a Senate rule on criticizing a fellow Senator, complaining that he told her to stop but “Nevertheless, she persisted.” That statement became a rallying cry, popular meme, and was seen on T-shirts and other messaging for the rest of the year.

In 2016, Trump referred to Hillary Clinton as a “Nasty Woman,” as he later did with every other female that criticized him. That phrase made its way into a popular culture meme, with women carrying signs at rallies or wearing clothing proudly declaring themselves a “nasty woman.” 

In both instances, Democratic women turned what was meant to be an attack into a statement of empowerment. Well, House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, being a complete moron, hasn’t figured out how this works.

If you recall, Nancy Pelosi reinstated the mask mandate in the House during the massive COVID spike. It makes sense, especially considering that Republican congress critters are steadfastly refusing to get vaccinated.  McCarthy stated that masks aren’t “based on science.” Pelosi, apparently all out of fucks to give with the stupidity, was asked about his statement. She just told the truth: “He’s such a moron.”

So what does McCarthy do?  Prove her point. I’m not kidding: McCarthy is selling T-shirts to conservatives that say the word “MORON”.  As Political Wire said, this wasn’t thought all the way through.


Nancy Pelosi JUST CALLED Kevin McCarthy a “moron” for opposing the mask mandate. You’re a top patriot and HE NEEDS YOU to get this t-shirt to oppose HER & the Radical Socialist Left.

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What idiot (moron) would think he “owns the libs” by wearing a shirt that says MORON? At the end of the day, wearing the shirt is just putting a hat on a hat.  I really don’t need any of them wearing a shirt emblazoned with the word MORON–their Trump merch did that already.

Yet if you want to really spell it out, have at it.  

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