Elizabeth Warren on CNN’s “State of the Union” this morning did not mince her words –

“Kevin McCarthy is a liar and a traitor.

This is outrageous and that is really the illness that pervades the Republican leadership right now. They say one thing to the American public and something else in private. They understand that it is wrong, what happened, an attempt to overthrow our government. And that the Republicans instead want to continue to try to figure out how to make 2020 election different instead of spending their energy on how it is that we go forward in order to build an economy, in order to make this country work better for the people who sent us to Washington.

Shame on Kevin McCarthy.”

We need more people like Elizabeth Warren on the airwaves and the Inter-tubes, to get the Democratic message out and to go on the offensive against this lying corrupt fascist republican party.

Other notable statements about McCarthy –



Amash — you can say the same thing for pretty much every Republican leader today.


Joe Biden nails it — “This ain’t your father’s Republican party. This is a MAGA party now.”


That’s right; let’s stop calling republican leaders gutless, spineless, cowards or stupid. Let’s use the labels — traitors, corrupt, crooks, seditionists, fascist, authoritarian, pro-Putin, anti-American, …. We need to tell the harsh truth, get these memes out and educate voters about what’s at stake in the November elections.

Let’s build momentum against the republican party as a whole, not just local candidates or individual leaders. Let’s talk about the culture of corruption. Let’s nationalize the elections.

If you have a twitter or Facebook account, retweet and re-post such tweets with some of your own thoughts and insights. Let’s not let the republican lying machine dominate the conversation.

What do you think?

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