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Former Whitewater prosecutor Ken Starr is not Mr. Popularity in Democratic circles but he did go on record telling Trump to cut it out, it being the abasement of public discourse, specifically with regard to the public humiliation of Jeff Sessions. That was in late July and Starr just spoke with Brian Williams last night about the status of the Trump Russia investigation.

Highlights: Politico’s story yesterday on Mike Pence’s lawyer speaking with Bob Mueller.

“The operative principle…[is that Mike Pence is going to fully cooperate with the investigation.] “My advice is cooperate fully.”

Starr also touched on the early morning Manafort raid. Starr opined that the deputy attorney general [Rod Rosenstein] was probably consulted beforehand.

“The search of Paul Manafort’s condominium early in the morning, that’s an extraordinary action. [Mueller] likely consulted with  the deputy attorney general, I don’t know that…high visibility person. [The action says] I mean business, a bit of shock and awe. The report is that there will be an indictment. I think there will be a number of indictments before this is over.”

Williams asked about the interviewing of the White House aides:

“It’s a terrible situation in the White House. It’s demoralizing. It’s one of the reasons you want to get one of these things over with as quickly as possible, My advice…you’ve got to be transparent.”

Then he laid into Jared Kushner:

“As you see now with the latest revelations. These facts are going to come out. Truth will come out. Do I try to hold on, to stonewall, to put it pejoratively, or do I  say the best thing for me to do is just to get it all out there and face the consequences?”

Williams asked, “Yes or no answer if that’s at all possible. Do you see the president being placed under oath before all this is over?” Starr responded unequivocally, “Yes.”

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