Kellyanne’s Husband Re-christens Trump #SummaCumLiar. Wall Is NOT Being Built

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Kellyanne Conway continues to spout the Trump Koolaid, claiming that a border wall is the only way to keep drugs out of America, even when she is completely wrong.  Her husband, however, is not having any of it.  Especially the claim that the wall is actually already being built.

George Conway recently called him out on this particular lie. This newest incident started when S.V. Date of the Huffington Post said that there were no “major sections of Wall” being built, contradicting Trump’s claim to the contrary.

And that’s when Conway stepped in:

Conway went on to question the 115-mile long contract.

If you go on Twitter and enlarge the images, you will see hilarious banter between the judge and a Trump lawyer.

Here’s a partial transcript:

The Court: Is there a contract? I mean, you’re prepared to appear here today. Is there any such contract at this material time? Is there?

Mr. Bryce: Your Honor, I think there’s a lack of clarity perhaps about what contract may be being sought. However, the terms of this FOIA request are essentially a cut and paste from a presidential tweet, as your honor pointed out.

Now, um, the agency has done a search, it believes a reasonable search, and the um — the agency has asked for clarification about what contract they were asking for, and they insisted that they were only seeking —

The Court: No wait a minute. Wait a minute. At least originally, if I accept their papers, they were asking for numbers and the like. You can’t expect the public to have those numbers. The obligation is on the government. The obligation is not on the person who seeks, it’s on the government.

Look, I am practical. I held this hearing because I always take pleadings, at least for starters at face value…. I’ll give you one last shot. So far as you know, is there any such contract?

Mr. Bryce: No, Your Honor, so far as I know, there is no contract of 115 miles as referenced in the —

He was probably going to say, “the tweet.” In any event, that was what was characterized as “the remarkable exchange between a Boston federal judge and a Trump administration lawyer.”

And that exchange led to the new hashtag, #SummaCumLiar.  These new hashtags may be the best legacy the Trump Administration leaves for our country!!

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Impeach trump
Impeach trump

Thank you God for one Sane rational man on this earth who believes in facts and governs himself accordingly….well said