Kellyanne Conway tweets something monumentally dishonest and stupid!

Michael Belanger / Flickr Kellyanne Conway...
Michael Belanger / Flickr

Earlier today, failed standup comedian and even-more-failed human being Kellyanne Conway tweeted this:

Kellyanne Conway, meet Michael Flynn.

Also, Gregory Craig, the former White House counsel in question, last worked for Obama in 2010. He was indicted for crimes he allegedly committed in 2012. It’s not like the guy was Obama’s former campaign manager or longtime lawyer or anything.

So, yeah, try again, Barbie Riefenstahl. And good luck in your lifelong search for a soul. (Hmm, have you tried Savers?)


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2 Comments on "Kellyanne Conway tweets something monumentally dishonest and stupid!"

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Michael owens
Michael owens

What a horrible human being !!!

Rick Bevilacqua
Rick Bevilacqua

I have to wonder whether George Conway uses his rants against Trump just to take some pressure off the beast he’s married to? Something is wrong in that relationship.