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I don’t really have a horse in this race yet. I’m leaning Team Kamala, but it’s so early I’m naturally curious to see what other candidates have to offer.  Cory Booker looks like a strong candidate (and not just because he’s a vegan, like me).  But Kellyanne Conway wonders why he’s running at all, given the number of qualified women candidates who are already in the field.


Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway suggested Friday that 2020 presidential candidate Cory Booker is being held to a different standard on sexism than Republicans are, wondering aloud why he hasn’t been criticized for jumping into a Democratic field already densely populated with female candidates.

“I would ask him a couple questions today as he runs from my native New Jersey,” Conway said in an interview on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.”

“One is, what is wrong with the candidates that are already in there? What is your objection to [California Sen.] Kamala Harris running, [Massachusetts Sen.] Elizabeth Warren, [New York Sen.] Kirsten Gillibrand, these others who have already announced, [Hawaii Rep.] Tulsi Gabbard maybe? If he were a Republican running against them, they immediately would call him a sexist for running against these women in the Democratic field.”

I can’t tell. Is she trying to be funny? Because even when she is trying to be funny, it’s impossible to detect even a whit of humor.


That video is 11 minutes, 35 seconds long. If you can get more than two minutes into it without plucking your eyeballs out with a Swiss Army knife leather awl, sauteing them in your own ass tallow, and FedExing them to Greenland, you’re a hardier soul than I.

You see, Democrats have no problem with a man running for president. That’s not “sexist,” per se. We have a problem with a multiply-accused alleged sexual miscreant who says he would never, ever assault his accusers because they’re not good-looking enough. One who says he can grab women wherever and whenever he wants because he’s a celebrity.

That’s not Booker.

Not sure if Kellyanne has noticed, but we enthusiastically supported a male president as recently as three years ago.

I’d love it if we elected our first female president, assuming she’s a progressive. We have a good chance of doing that in 2020. But I’m eager to hear what Cory Booker has to say, too.

And I don’t care what gender or color our next POTUS is, so long as it isn’t orange.



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