KellyAnne Conway Jabs At Joe Biden For Not Supporting Trump On Coronmavirus

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You know, it’s almost getting to be the standard to lead off every article on the Trump administration with the admonition You can’t make this shit up. Trump’s lead Legal counsel, KellyAnne Conjob appeared, where else?, but FUX and Friends to take yet another slap at Joe Biden. We’ll ignore for the moment the fact that if she was sitting in her office in the White House, or on the clock, this is her 6,579th violation of the Hatch Act. She took to the airwaves to whine about presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s lack of support for the president’s efforts on fighting the corona-virus

I think it’s really disappointing to have President Obama’s number two, who apparently doesn’t talk much to him, out there criticizing instead of saying, hey, here’s what we did that we thought was effective,”

I don’t know, I’m starting to run out of superlatives to use when describing this workshop of broken and misfit toys. And it’s kind of hard to take Cruella de Conway seriously when her lord and master has spent the last three year demolishing every single thing that Biden’s old boss did that actually worked. But the Queen of Grievance wasn’t quite finished yet;

Why doesn’t Vice President Biden call the White House today and offer some support? He’s in his bunker in Wilmington, and I have to tell you we’re not talking about politics here at the White House at all. We’re talking about ventilators and vaccines, not Biden and Bernie.

First of all, politics is all that they talk about in the White House. Trump’s approval ratings and reelection drive every decision, not the public good. And second, Conway’s disappointed sob story take on a truly rich texture of hypocrisy and bullshit when you put it into the proper context.

It was in one of the interminable and insufferable daily press briefings last week when President Trump was asked whether he had contacted any of the remaining living presidents for their counsel and advice. Trump’s reply? No, I didn’t. I didn’t. Because there’s nothing that they could teach me.

Now, to be fair, which is a foreign concept to Conway, Biden has repeatedly stated that he does not hold Trump responsible for the corona-virus itself, that wasn’t his creation. But what he does hold Trump responsible for is the inept and pathetic initial response to the virus, which has made things much worse than they needed to be.

So, let’s summarize. Trump’s talking empty head hits the airwaves of the Trump Ministry of Propaganda to bemoan the fact that the political opponent who wants to take Trump’s job isn’t standing outside the White House gates in a cheerleaders costume, waving pom-poms, and sending Kim Jong Un style love letters to Trump on how to deal with the virus. All of this already knowing that Trump has already said that he wouldn’t take advice from Biden’s former boss, because there’s nothing that Obama can teach him. Good news for all of you Roger Rabbit fans out there. Toontown is alive and well at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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John Johnson
John Johnson

Boy Trump is Really worried about our Next president Joe Biden. He is doing everything to dis him, except he’s doing it on Fox, that nobody watches or takes seriously, at least anybody that’s going to vote for Joe. You know what KellyAnne Conway is… YEP an AS$HOLE!!!!!


It’s looking like Governor Whitmer may be his VP pick. She would be a tremendous asset to him. She’s tough. She also has a very personable , confident appearance. Gets right up in the camera. Popular in Michigan too. I can see it now “ THAT WOMAN”. That woman was me.
It’s also looking like his house of fake cards may be caving in.As usual the idiots around him will fall. McConnell’s attempt to get money didn’t go to well. One high profile supporter at a time, saying WTF.