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Whenever Donald Trump has his lowest, most unconscionable, least defensible moments, one person is sure to show up to mop up his vomit. That’s right, the woman tagged by Saturday Night Live as looking like “the last 10 minutes of prom” emerged with a rag Friday to justify why our sexual-assaulter-in-chief chose to weigh in on the sexual conduct of Sen. Al Franken, a Democrat who’s not presently not up for re-election, while totally punting on predatory pedophile Roy Moore, who is currently locked in a critical election battle.

Um, eight days old with four more new accusers in the last couple days. Of course, the real reason Trump hasn’t mentioned a peep about the Moore scandal isn’t that he was showing any sort of discretion given his own repulsive history. Multiple Washington reporters have said sources in the White House tell them Trump is “gripped with fear” about making the wrong bet again and alienating his rabid base.

And here’s the take of the Washington Post’s Robert Costa on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes Thursday night:

They don’t want to be embarrassed again in Alabama. He got behind Luther Strange, the incumbent senator. They feel if they move against Moore now, and he somehow wins that senate seat, that’s a political disaster for President Trump, with his own base, and in a state that he considers his own political base.

What a loser, really. Trump’s ego is fragile and so flagging that he’s cowering in a corner over the possibility that Alabama voters might reject him. Someone get a sippy cup and a binky to the Oval Office, STAT!

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