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Just …why, god?

CNN host John Berman did nothing more than point out the obvious, that President Donald Trump repeatedly lies to the American people, something for which the administration has yet to answer, and it is getting late in the process. So, Berman puts it directly to “alternative fact Kellyanne Conway” who found such question unhelpful to Trump.

Berman simply noted that someone in the White House obviously lied about Trump having nothing to do with drafting/crafting a totally misleading statement about the now infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump Jr., Kremlin-linked attorneys and the rest of the Trump campaign. Conway went zoo-break, and lashed out in anger about the very suggestion that her boss was dishonest: Via Raw Story.

“Respectfully, I don’t think this has helped CNN,” said an angry Conway. “Your ratings are way down because — I know I hit a nerve there, John, but let’s be fair — you like to say ‘lie’ and ‘the president’ and ‘Sarah [Huckabee Sanders]’ in the same sentence. Excuse me, this is not benefiting you. You’re not getting new viewers who want to hear this junk and this funk.”

That’s so nice of Kellyanne to worry about CNN’s viewers. And how ’bout hip hop KAnne! “Junk and Funk” sounds like the soundtrack to the movie that will eventually be made about this administration.

Kelly then did the Trump administration shuffle. She asked for proof that Russia had altered votes (something the host had not claimed), as if altering votes works any differently than simply suppressing democratic areas by removing people from the roles. Then, as if that were not enough, she started attacking Hillary Clinton, leaving Berman breathless.

“I didn’t ask about Hillary Clinton!” he said.

Nobody has asked about Hillary since the election, but that hasn’t stopped the Trump administration from directing all criticism toward President Hillary Clinton.

I don’t blame MSNBC from banning Conway, not at all. But, she truly is the perfect spokesperson for this administration. No substance, deflecting, and room temperature I.Q. thinking.

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