Congresswoman Katie Porter (D-CA) does not mince her words. She lays out the attack by SCOTUS on American women and the path to the solution.

Rep. Katie Porter gets it. And her path is correct.

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Congresswoman Katie Porter is always clear-spoken. And she breaks down the SCOTUS ruling that attacks a woman’s right to her own body and subsequently all of our rights with the perfect words.

“This opinion, like the draft opinion, tramples on our liberty,” Rep. Porter said. “This is a freedom issue. This is an issue about who gets to make decisions about your body, about your education, about your trajectory in life. And it should be up to every American. It’s a very bitter pill to swallow when we talk about the sweet land of liberty. And yet we have a court that is trampling on the will of the majority of people and taking away constitutional rights.”

Porter then gives a warning we better heed.

“When Republicans tell you what they’re going to do, listen, they told us they were going to overturn the Affordable Care Act, and that is exactly what they tried to do in the House of Representatives. We won in 2018, and we stopped them in their tracks, protecting our health care. They’re telling us now they’re going to have a nationwide ban on abortion. And it is up to us in 2022 to stop them in their tracks.”

Those sitting out the election because Democrats did not come through as they should have with the power they have better be careful. We need more Progressives elected so that Democrats will not fear using their ability to protect their constituency. The old guard is simply behind the time and has yet to understand that the Republican Party of yesteryear does not exist.

Porter points out that the House of Representatives has done its job. However, we must fix the defective Senate so they can pass the necessary laws.

“This is about the Senate,” Katie Porter said. “That is what has brought us to this along with the Supreme Court. We need to overturn the filibuster. The Supreme Court is not a democratically elected institution, but the Senate sure as hell is. And they need to stop fiddling around and hiding behind arcane procedural rules. Get rid of the filibuster and take an up and down vote on whether or not they are protectors of liberty and freedom.”

She nails it as usual. Staying home will make things worse. Americans must go out and vote. Elect the most progressive candidate in the primaries and vote entirely Democratic in the November elections. That is the only solution we have.

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