Karlie Kloss’s Doctor Dad Was Asked By Jared Kushner To Solicit Advice On Coronavirus From Facebook


In any sane world anywhere, the headline that I just wrote would absolutely have to be satire. But we are not living in a sane world, we are living in Trump world and all the laws of political physics are suspended. Jared Kushner asked his supermodel sister-in-law’s father, Kurt Kloss, who is an ER physician, to ask doctors on Facebook how they would handle the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Kloss told his colleagues, “I have direct channel to person now in charge at White House.” Politico:

The Facebook group, EM Docs, has nearly 22,000 members around the globe who are required to provide their credentials to join. The posts about Kushner’s request have been removed but a member shared pictures of them with POLITICO. The Spectator first reported on the posts late Wednesday. […]

“If you were in charge of Federal response to the Pandemic what would your recommendation be. Please only serious responses,” he wrote. “I have direct channel to person now in charge at White House.”

Some doctors expressed skepticism about his connection but most of them posted serious proposals, including nationalizing the production of testing kits, creating pop-up field hospitals with ICUs and activating FEMA. A doctor posted the top 12 recommendations on Twitter with the hashtag #EMDocs. […]

“Tonight I was asked by Jared through my son-in-law for my recommendations, that’s when I turned to you my fellow BAFERD’s for help,” he wrote using a nickname for Bad Ass Fucking Emergency Room Doctors. “Between patients tonight I have reviewed your responses and will summarize what I am sending to Jared for your PEER review before I send it.”

And this from the New York Times:

Turning to Dr. Kloss is not entirely without merit. A graduate of the University of Miami medical school, he is an emergency medicine specialist who has practiced for more than 30 years.

But Dr. Kloss is also outside the purview of the government, where officials have struggled to get on the same page. By midday Friday, news of Dr. Kloss’s crowdsourced knowledge gathering had hit the internet.

The exchange alarmed at least some of the doctors in the group, according to a person who viewed the discussion. The only requirement to be let into the private Facebook group was showing the administrator proof of practicing medicine; anyone part of the group could comment on or view the exchange.

One person described the group as “far from a group of experts,” but more a “collection of rando doctors on social media.” [Emphasis mine]

The You Can’t Make This Shit Up file is now relocating to the continent of Antarctica, because that’s the only place big enough and empty enough to contain it, and it will remain there until it can be moved to one of the Martian moons.

Government should never be put in the hands of people who hate government and who have zero experience with it. This may be comical now, but let’s see how high a price we end up paying for this moron Trump, his abysmal son-in-law, and his ridiculous relatives being in charge. “Rando doctors on social media.” Jesus Christ.

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I don’t know, I have some ideas. How about reestablishing the pandamic response professionals that your FIL cut? Why doesn’t our country manufacture drugs, masks, respirators, hazmat suits, gloves, and other items IN CASE an emergency like this occurs? Why do we only need weapons to prepare for our safety?
We are reaping the whirlwind, folks. That Socialist, Bernie Sanders, had been warning us that our priorities were only about wealth and the 1%. Now is the time for the 1% to step up. Oh, and Mitch has gone on vacation this weekend. Wonder if Trump will be golfing?


Is Jared just another person donnie put between him and the public so he can say I didn’t know. When jared fails (and he already has) more people will die and that still makes donnie responsible.