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On Feb. 13, Tyler Tannahill, a candidate for Kansas’ 2nd Congressional District, announced that his campaign would give away an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle.

We all know what happened on Valentine’s day, the next day.

This is when any human being would release a simple statement: “in light of the events in Parkland Florida, the campaign has chosen to respectfully withdraw the AR-15 giveaway.” If he had chosen to do so, I personally would have gone after any Democrat who went after him for offering the gun in the first place. I would have been the first to say that – in such a situation – the Democrat was taking advantage of those deaths in Florida to seek some political advantage, making Tannahill look bad in retrospect, even though the AR-15 has been a weapon of mass-shootings in this country for a long long time. I still would have said; “Stop.”

Unfortunately, we don’t live in such a world, a world where I am called upon to police such cynical machinations undertaken by democrats, because we live in a world where the Republicans reliably act outside not only against the laws of good taste, they seemingly live outside the laws of nature. The gun giveaway is still on.

“We have to sit down and have these tough discussions,” he said. “I’m a staunch believer in the Second Amendment, and I don’t think those rights should be infringed, but how do we keep our children and teachers safe in schools?”

Just go fk yourself.


Because I don’t think 2nd Amendment rights are in any danger of being “infringed,” not with any of the legislation that people are considering. You don’t have a “personal” 2nd Amendment right. Don’t believe me? Commit a federal felony and see which rights you lose for life, you won’t lose your personal rights for life. You don’t lose your first, fourth, fifth, sixth, eighth, fourteenth, or any of the other “personal” rights you have. But, you DO lose your 2nd. So, as I said, please to be fking off now.

Even the damn conservative radio host who talked to him said to check himself.

Another guest in the CNN segment, Virginia-based conservative talk radio show host John Fredericks, shot down Tannahill’s giveaway, saying it was “in really bad taste.”

Fredericks added: “Come on, man. It doesn’t make any sense. You’re not having a legitimate conversation when you’re giving away an AR-15 for free.”

At which point I am sure Tahhahill said something about the 2nd Amendment being more important than the lives of high school students, just using different words. I am no longer listening him or people like him. I told him what to do with himself.

I’m listening to those kids in Florida.

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