Kamela Harris Drops Out of Democratic Race


She was not my candidate, but I never ruled her out, either. Indeed at times I wondered if I hadn’t given her enough of a chance. Kamala Harris dropped out today, and I wonder if we all should have given her a “better chance.”

The Democratic field is much weaker today, after her announcement. So far, that is all we have.

Per Politico:

Kamala Harris is dropping out of the presidential race, she told staff on a call Tuesday. She will release a video momentarily announcing her plans.

Kamala Harris is a strong and brilliant woman who is not in any way “done” in American politics. I could easily envision her as the incoming attorney general of the United States, should she choose to give up her California senate seat, perhaps allowing the governor to appoint Senator Adam Schiff. I like that thought. Of course, I also like the thought of Harris anchoring that senate seat for the next thirty years.

We have lost a very solid voice for Democratic principles and ideals on the primary trail. I am not sure why she never “caught on” to the extent that others have. One could argue that she has not given it enough time as we are still two months away from the first primaries. Mike Bloomberg just entered the race. She just couldn’t really occupy that “alt-center” lane that Mayor Pete seems to hone-in upon. But campaigns need money and money becomes increasingly difficult to raise in the face of declining poll numbers.

Her voice will be missed on the campaign trail, but fortunately, as a rising senator from California, we will continue to hear her voice. I do not believe that this is her last presidential run. I hope not, anyway. I could easily see voting for her in the future.

I have yet to see a Democrat (real Democrat, not Gabbard) that I would have any trouble voting for. I would have voted for Harris with pride. I wish her well, and look forward to hearing her powerful voice work as a check on Donald Trump.


Peace, y’all


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