Kamala Harris to make Texas swing as Democrats look to turn Texas blue

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As winning even Texas drifts into the realm of possibility, the Biden-Harris campaign is making a last-minute play for the state with a three-city visit from Kamala Harris to Fort Worth, Houston, and McAllen.

As The Dallas Morning News points out, however, gaining a Texas victory on the presidential level is probably not the top goal of the visits. The real push, by Harris, is to goose Democratic turnout in races that will decide control of the Texas House. Yep. Republicans are in such dire straits in these closing days that it’s possible they could lose their grip on the Texas House. It’s also possible that a strong closing drive by Democrats could shake loose a few more of the state’s more precarious Republican congressional weirdos. Maybe. Perhaps.

That’s not to say Democrats aren’t making a real play for the state’s electoral votes. New York Rich Guy Michael Bloomberg is spending $15 million in last-minute ads boosting Biden in Texas and Ohio. If Biden wins either state, Trump can’t win and this thing turns into a rout.

Here’s some Texas swing:


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This never ending nightmare is going to be a shock to the system when it finally ends. Like, WTF just happened? I feel light-headed already.