Kamala Harris sizzles Donald Trump Jr: ‘You wouldn’t know a joke if one raised you’

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Donald Trump Jr. attempted to slam California Senator and 2020 presidential hopeful Kamala Harris on Friday night, sharing a clip of her laughing and purporting that her ability to laugh at herself is “disingenuous.” He, probably unsurprisingly, managed to bring Hillary Clinton into it, too.

Here’s that clip and tweet, which, for the record, includes a typo:

Harris fired back with a pretty epic response that quickly went viral:

As of writing, it’s even the “pinned” tweet to the top of her account. Let’s look at some of the most hilarious responses to this back-and-forth—and review why social media, all jokes aside, is a serious issue in today’s political landscape.

Twitter users have no lack of jokes to back up Harris in this:

In all seriousness, Harris has already called for Donald Trump’s Twitter account to be suspended. Why? Because Trump repeatedly uses his account to harass and target the whistleblower(s) whose allegations, in part, prompted Democrats to launch an impeachment inquiry into the president.

Mind you, most of us would agree that there are numerous examples of horrible, if not bizarre, tweets coming from Trump that are problematic. For example, when he attacked the “squad” back in July and used disgustingly racist language to tell the four Congresswomen to “go back” to their countries, many people called for his account to be suspended… Only to have the social media site declare that the president hadn’t broken any of the company’s rules.

Trump’s Twitter account (possibly) being suspended wouldn’t necessarily impact whether or not Trump Jr. can use the site, of course. But while we enjoy clapbacks and quips, it’s important to remember that social media plays an increasingly bigger role in our politics. We need transparency, but we also need a whole lot more accountability.

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He’s so good at burning himself,hell the whole family falls into it,remember be best


That’s the best you can come up with? You will always be a Junior.or a minor!


twitter suspended my account and ‘erased’ all of my tweets and did not allow me to access the names of my “followers” nor a list of accounts I followed…..’accused
me of bad twitter behavior (do not have access to exact quote)..I merely retweeted information I found on reliable news outlets and posted on GOP twitter account (ie @whitehouse @teamtrump @ivankatrump
@senatemajldr) sites posting LIES and ‘fake ‘ statistics