Let’s start with the basics:

  • The following is a rant product of frustration and disappointment.
  • If you are going to write a note telling me that I need to be patient, it will be lost on me.

Let’s look at the evidence:

  • The Muller Report.
  • Trump, the Ukraine phone call.
  • Trump, the Georgia phone call.
  • Trump, the Arizona phone call.
  • Trump, the January 6th speech.
  • Trump, the January 6th immobile and silent TV addict.
  • The Pence “persuasion”.
  • Mitch, I’m playing both ends against the middle, McConnell (Has anybody else noticed the resemblance to Montgomery Burns…). Too slippery for words. But, I digress.
  • Seditious Conspiracy
    • Stone, Bannon, Giuliani, Powell, Ellis, Kleinhendler, Thomas (Clarence & Ginni), Meadows, The Trump spawn, Jared, Multiple Congressional Reps, Multiple Senators. The list goes on…
  • “Alternate Electors”.


  • The continual pounding of all Americans with, “The Big Lie”.

“Please sir, may I have another?” (Animal House)

The Questions:

  • WTF? Just, WTF?
  • I checked, it’s possible to charge someone with a crime and, later, charge that same person with another different crime. Why not start the process with the easy stuff?
  • Allowing the conspiracy to continue to spout seditious propaganda without effective rebuttal is counter productive at best. Josef Goebbels was right. Why have “The powers that Be” failed to protect Americans from this ongoing blight and threat to our Democracy?
  • DOJ, where are you. AG Garland, how does the apparent “reluctance” to prosecute and “snail’s pace” help us believe that our Democracy will prevail?
  • Are we headed straight into the tank of minority rule?

Every time I look up, some “Red State” Governor and/or Legislature is doling out yet another restriction on the rights of Americans.

Our Public Education system is under attack by those who would keep us stupid. Ignorance is a tool of Fascism.

Why does democratic (small “d”) messaging suck? I say there are multiple reasons but the two most obvious, IMHO, are apathy and denial…

It appears that believing in and advancing the, “Rule of Law” is not serving democracy well. I would point out the current fluff about Ms. Thomas and her emails. Does anybody think for one minute that, were the GOP in charge, there would not already be investigations and hearings by Congress with calls for immediate indictment (I refer you to the seemingly endless delays in the cases of Meadows et al. regarding Contempt of Congress) coupled with furious, vitriolic bombast from conservative media…

I have posted mini-rants prior and have always used them as a cathartic experience that vents the steam. I’m not sure how much more “venting” is in me. The feeling of helplessness and the continuing perception of failure by those charged with protecting our Democracy is creating a cloud of depression. The other day, I read a Diary by tampaedski,    www.dailykos.com/… . First, I commend it’s candor. It is a good read if you missed it. Second, it got me to thinking about Daily Kos’ place in my life. I came to, and this only applies to me, realize that my daily engagements were, in fact, depressing. There are exceptions. But, by and large I find myself reading Diaries that highlight yet another egregious conservative pronouncement/action/law. Or, an update on the war in Ukraine that, for anyone who’s been to war, brings up no fond memories.

As one vulture said to the other, “Patience, Hell, I’m going to kill (figuratively speaking) something”.

I believe I shall be spending more time with Pootie Diaries…

Much easier on the soul.

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