Just when you think Fox News couldn’t get more stupid … Diamond and Silk on Climate Change

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If you thought Hoda and Kathie Lee were comical while swilling wine in the morning, you know Fox and Friends needs to top that bit of casual stereotyping. It does hint at trying to offset the recent Trump claim about windmills and cancer.

LYNETTE HARDAWAY (DIAMOND, FOX NATION PERSONALITY): Listen, you have to realize that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she’s reckless, she’s clueless, and she have a vacuous mindset.


HARDAWAY: First of all, civil rights have nothing to do with climate change. First of all. And then second of all, her Green New Deal is a green new scam that we must stay away from. Now, I know that she’s worried about climate change, but she need to talk to Mother Nature.

RICHARDSON: That’s right.

HARDAWAY: Because with the Earth rotating at 1,000 miles per hour, OK, 365 days of the year, we subject to feel climate changing a little bit. But not to the tune where we have to dismantle everything and start the Earth back over again. It’s a absolutely no for us.

Diamond & Silk end their latest intellectual tour de force by suggesting that Trump should just shut down the southern border and possibly “shut down immigration altogether.”

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S Farr
S Farr

These ladies have made themselves look about dumb and simple-minded as they possibly could! The Earth’s rotation causes the change? Really?! I can’t even…


Diamond and Silk are just as stupid as Trump is. Fox (Fake) News are a bunch of ignoramuses.


As an African American woman I would urge Diamond and Silk to stop being used up tokens for Republicans. Seriously you cannot be that clueless.