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Just when Jared thought it was safe to go back into the swamp. Notice how low of a profile he’s been keeping lately? Good lord, the snotty little bugger made a trip to Saudi Arabia, and nobody even knew he was gone until he got back. Hell, he’s such a milquetoast that I wonder if Ivanka lifted her head from her Chinese patent paperwork long enough to notice he wasn’t around.But apparently, he hasn’t been gone so long that the Senate Judiciary committee can’t remember his name. And like a parent with kids counting cookies, the document jar seems to be c little light.

Turns out that Jared Kushner is a more unifying figure than Ivanka’s Daddums. Weeks ago it was reported that Chuck Grassley, the Judiciary chairman, and Dianne Feinstein, the senior Democrat had split, they were going their own ways on the investigation. But, the letter they sent to Kushner and his lawyer, demanding documents requested and not received, they both signed the letter. How cute, they kissed and made up over Jared.Quick Christmas joke. Q: What did Chuck get Dianne for Christmas? A: He went to Jared! Not only that, but they were so pissed that they spanked him publicly, posting a copy of the letter on the committee website.

But the letter to Kushner is not a joke, and neither is the letter. The stuff they’re asking for should have already been turned over, and they want it quickest. And it’s stuff that can only bring grief to Kushner. To quote the list from The Washington Post;

In the letter, Grassley and Feinstein instruct Kushner’s team to turn over “several documents that are known to exist” because other witnesses in their probe already gave them to investigators. They include a series of “September 2016 email communications to Mr. Kushner concerning WikiLeaks,” which the committee leaders say Kushner then forwarded to another campaign official. Earlier this week, Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. revealed that he had had direct communication with WikiLeaks over private Twitter messages during the campaign.

And that’s not all. It turns out that Kushner has also not turned over documents concerning his knowledge of a proposed back channel to Russia with a Belorus businessman. So, how come Grassley and Feinstein are so hot for this stuff all of a sudden? Basically because Kushner is a fucking moron. Looks like what happened is that people like Donnie II and others have been complying with requests and turning over documents, but Kushner has been holding back on shit that the documents others have submitted show he was privy to and copied in on. Little wonder the poor sod can’t even buy a uilding in New York without pulling a Trump and going into hock up to his eyeballs. They also want notes and documents about conversations with Mike Flynn, including banking among other things.

None of this looks good for Kushner. By thinking Grassley and Feinstein were dumber than he is (which isn’t possible if they’re breathing), and playing cute with his submissions, Kushner has brought even more attention to himself. Now the perception is that he’s trying to obstruct the investigation by omission. And by dicking around in the first place, he now gives them the chance to publicly flex their muscles by subpoenaing the documents if he doesn’t turn the stuff over by November 27th.

But funny enough, that didn’t even get a peep out of Kushners legal team With all of the shit being dumped on their heads for holding out on the committee, the only thing Kushner’s team cared about was the last request. They squealed like stuck pigs when the committee asked for a copy of his original SF86 form, the form he filled out to apply for his security clearance to work in the White House. Their objection was almost as brain dead as their client. The objected that once they torned that form over to the FBI, it became classified information. Apparently these high paid legal beagles don’t realize that all of the committee members already have atop level security clearance to handle secure documents sent to them for investigation.So, if you’re as sick of having to look at the the Orange Blowdried Blowhard as I am, chin up, our lulck may be changing. If this keeps up, we may soon be able to stare at a scarecrow in a $3,000 suit with a $5 haircut instead. Some improvement, huh?

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