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After the #DisloyaltoTrump hashtag went viral overnight in response to President Donald Trump accusing any person of Jewish faith who voted Democratic of being disloyal to the United States, the president sparked fresh concerns about his mental health Wednesday morning after he tweeted quotes from one of his right-wing supporters who said Trump was like “the King of Israel” and compared Trump to “the second coming of God.”

Thanking radio host and self-described “warrior conservative” Wayne Allyn Root for his “very nice words,” the president tweeted:

Reactions of disgust and worry quickly followed online:

“The President is a raving lunatic,” Democrat Andrew Gillum, who ran for governor last year in Florida, tweeted just after Trump’s tweets. “He is not well.”

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  1. It’s time for all the politics, and jokes to stop. Trump has a mental problem and to allow him to stay in that office is a danger to our entire country. It’s not funny anymore. He has to be the number one priority in this country, to be removed ASAP.

  2. WTF trump is a CRAZY MFer and someone in Washington needs to DO SOMETHING before a major crisis happens -seems like it’s a matter of days-he is DANGEROUS and needs a psychological evaluation NOW…this is some serious crazy Bullshit and needs to END-WAKE UP WASHINGTON and AMERICA?????

  3. It is not funny. As a Christian what he said is Blasphemy. He is soooo sick and delusional but make no mistake he meant the Jewish people would not be showing loyalty to him; not the United States. Trump is really sounding more “Anti Christ” like every day to be honest.
    Republicans think they are slick the only reason Religion has become so entrenched in our government is the Abortion rights issue of WOMEN.
    Many Evangelicals are hiding behind “hoods” of bigotry and hate toward others.

  4. Trump makes Nixon look like a Saint.

    I see some similarities with Teddy Roosevelt in the use of the Bully Pulpit.

    The huge difference is TR bulled the enemies of our country, businesses that exploited children as a workforce, and other social injustices.
    He was a conservationist, respected science, and promoted education.
    And to get the country behind his ideas treated Americans with inclusion.

    How far we have fallen!

  5. ..Folks , not only has Trump anointed himself as the “second coming” , he’s now “speaking
    in tongues “.
    … Yes today on CNN , Larry Kudlow, said “Trump was misunderstood” when he
    spoke at the G7 .
    ..So like Moses , who needed Arron , ( his brother ) to speak ,( interpret ) for him , Kudlows taking up the ( mantel if madness), to proclaim Trump is not only the “chosen one “, but he. (Larry) has become the 2nd coming of of Arron (AKA , Err-in) , because only he ,
    ( Larry ) can interpret the ravings of the genius of Trump . All things considered, “madness prevails”, in The Presidency . And it’s now leaked out to infect the heretofore-other , genius, Larry and the rest of the White House staff.
    ..It’s truly ,a “STAFF INFECTION “, within in the administration!!!
    …Another indication that Larry Kudlow ,
    Will soon suffer the infamous,
    …..DEATH BY TRUMP .!!


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