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Lesson #1 of Trump-land: Trump will hang you out to dry. Eventually, but inevitably. He will stiff you, cheat you, dump you, and sue you because you couldn’t be stiffed for more. Even if you’re his biggest supporter. In fact, especially if you’re his biggest supporter. And I guess if you have supported Trump, then you kind of deserve that treatment for supporting that idiotic bigoted fuck and thus being one yourself, too.

Case in point: Trump’s aides. A lot of them are having to cough up a whole lot of money for lawyers in connection with the Trump-Russia probe. But are they getting any help from the Siberian candidate himself? In their dreams. Read the hilarious sob stories of these fascist sympathizers in this article.

The Republican National Committee declined to comment on helping ex-staffers with legal bills, but a source “familiar with the situation” told the [Washington] Examiner that they were “on their own”.

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