This is something that I’ve been idly turning over in my head for a couple of weeks now, and I heard something that only made it nag at me even more. And since I hate suffering alone, so I’m goin g to share it with all of you lucky souls.

Over the weekend, one of the MSNBC panel hosts, I honestly can’t remember which one, was having a chat with a NBC News digital media reporter. They were talking about the sudden spurt of new social media platforms, such as something called Parlor, which were offering new homes to far right conspiracy nuts. His point was that if these succeed, they may actually fracture the conspiracy sphere, since one platform will handle pedophile cannibals, another pizza shop child sex rings, and yet another what actually happened to Vince Foster. The point being that once a RW looney finds his niche social media site, he or she won’t be very likely to cross pollinate and spend much time in other sites what weren’t in their comfort zone. Makes sense, and also makes them potentially less pervasive and powerful.

But then came the part that perked up my ears. The host mentioned QAnon, and the reporter said that from early evidence he was seeing, the bloom seemed to be coming off of the QAnon rose. And the reason turned out to be surprisingly simple, and logical. The whole underlying premise of QAnon was that Donald Trump was the savior of the planet, fighting an existential battle of a sinister cabal of pedophile cannibal Democrats peddling children from pizza parlors before they turned them into the daily special. One small problem. Trump fucking lost! How can he possibly be the savior of the world if he doesn’t have any super powers anymore, he’s a loser? Hits, views, and comments on QAnon friendly sites are down as the one time acolytes wander off to look for another savior.

Which leads directly into the part I’ve been turning over in my mind for weeks now. Believe me, I think I know of what I speak. I spent 5 1/2 years inside the world of Trump and his misfit toys, and I think I understand their psyche pretty well by now. And there is about to be another cataclysmic event that will shortly take place.

From where I’m sitting, the true believer is just like any other addict, they need their fix. Whether it’s drugs, gambling, alcohol, or sex, addicts need that thrill, and likely daily. And that ability to provide that daily fix keeps your customers coming back for more.

And, thanks largely to the mainstream media, Trump has spent the last 5 1/2 years being able to provide that daily fix. And, this is critical, always from a position of power and superiority. For almost a year, the media covered him almost 24/7 as he annihilated a 16 man field of established GOP politicians, conducting a hostile takeover of the entire party in the process. Then they spent 65 months covering Trump, in his Sam Kinison persona, as he blasphemed his way through the general election. And for the last 4 years, they have watched as Trump turned his nihilistic dreams into national policy.

But on January 20th, that all changes. Because Trump lost! On January 20th, Trump loses all of the superiority and power that he has had for the last 5 1/2 years. The power of the Presidency, the mandatory fawning coverage of the media, superiority over his opponents, all of that disappears. At 12:01 on January 20th, Donald Trump goes back to being just one more loud, foul mouthed New York asshole.

How does Trump’s most die hard base come to grips with that fact? They only backed Trump because he was the ultimate winner! Sure, they can comfort themselves, and each other with the fact that Trump had the election stolen out from under him, but what difference does it make, since Trump is about to become something else. Trump is about to become irrelevant.

The mainstream media can’t wait to wave goombye to the ass end of Trump heading out the door. No more of his tweets being broadcast on the evening news, no matter what bullshit he’s peddling. Even FUX News will drop Trump like a radioactive turd, once he no longer has any authority or position to drag viewers in. Especially if he starts a streaming media service to fight against them.

OF course, Trump can still Tweet like a mad hatter, but this also opens up an interesting can of worms. During Trump’s presidency, both Facebook as well as Twitter, but especially Twitter, took a ration of shit for Trump’s profligate reposting and retweeting of misinformation and even outright lies. It reached the point that during the general election campaign, both Facebook and Twitter took to adding advisories of blatant abuse, and even pulled some of the worst ones from their sites. On January 21str, Trump becomes just another schmuck with an account. It will be interesting to see just how much shit they’re willing to put up for him when he’s not in a position of authority, and if or when they pull the plug on a clearly abusive user.

Elections have consequences. And on January 21st, pretty much everybody on the planet except die hard Trump supporters are going to start using gallons of brain bleach to convince themselves that the last 5 1/2 years never took place. But, addicts also need their fix. And starting on January 21st, Trumpkins are going to start to have a harder and harder time getting their daily fix. It will be interesting to see how they react to that. And what it means to the Republican party going forward. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. THIS worries me.

    If you remember at the end of last week foreign media sources were asking why Pompeo’s meetings were so secretive and the participants claimed they were innocuous and they were really more about Pompeo’s future political aspirations, which seemed bizarre since Pompeo himself claimed trump would be serving a second term. After this the media were told he was supposed to be heading home except…..that was another lie. The next thing our foreign press gets wind of is about a secret meeting between MBS, POMPEO & NETANYAHU. The last time trump wanted someone killed on the qt, he used Israeli operatives. When he wanted a journalist killed he & MBS worked together. As soon as the secret meeting was held trump finally decides it’s time for the transition. Odd, huh?!? This whole thing has seemed odd to me from the beginning. The whole phony lawsuits bullshit. It was like they were stalling for time. They weren’t even real lawsuits. Why would the SOS go on a world wide goodbye tour? Not planned after the election? It seemed as if they needed time to implement their Plan B. It is no accident he met quietly and secretly with two criminals & two killers. And it’s no accident they were selling planes and weapons to people who would just as soon kill us as look at us. I have a very bad feeling about Jan 20th. Maybe I am paranoid, but these people are evil to the core.


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