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Something about this is, oh I don’t know, sickening? Republican hypocrisy just went way past 11.

In July, Trump Jr. signed a contract with the University of North Texas agreeing to give a half-hour speech and participate in a 30-minute question-and-answer session in October in exchange for a $100,000 stipend, according to documents first obtained by the North Texas Daily, the student newspaper. The university provided a copy of the contract to The Washington Post.

Trump Jr. was invited by organizers of the UNT Kuehne Speaker Series, whose top sponsor this year is a corporate tax services firm headed by G. Brint Ryan, a UNT alum and well-connected GOP donor in Dallas who advised President Trump on tax policy during the campaign.

There is also $5,000 included above the fee for travel. 

The organizers insist there is nothing wrong here since the gig’s purpose is to raise money for scholarships. They also insist in another fine false equivalency that if Chelsea Clinton wished to speak, she would be welcome. Right. As if it would be up to her and as if they’d ever ask 

oh and his fee has doubled since lady year…

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