Julian Assange Might Well Be Coming to America …To Testify

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newsonline / Flickr

Ecuador has a new president.

Normally that wouldn’t have much bearing upon the U.S. president. There’s nothing wrong with Ecuador as a nation, obviously. It is just not one we often associate with earth-shaking news in Washington.

But this new president is tired of shielding Assange, Moreover, President Lenin Moreno’ is about to be making a trip to the United Kingdom, and there is a matter that is particularly bothering him. Assange. Moreno called him a stone in his shoe.

The U.K. seems to feel the same way:

According to The Sunday Express, Foreign Office minister Sir Alan Duncan is “said to be involved in a diplomatic effort” just weeks ahead of President Lenin Moreno’s visit.

The reason this is important, quite obviously, is that the U.K. will without a doubt arrest Assange the moment he steps one foot outside the gate. There is a reason that Assange spent the last six years hiding out in an embassy under diplomatic cover. It was better than being “free.” Once the U.K. arrests him, guess where the U.K. will send him?

Well, just speculate on who would love a chance to speak with him? Especially as we prepare for the first indictments against Americans, particularly Roger Stone.

It would be a momentous shift in Mueller’s case, because even though Mueller already established that Stone (or some other American(s)) worked with the Russian Intelligence Unit that broke into the DNC computers as well as various state election servers, much of it went through Wikileaks. So, if Stone or some other American hack says Trump and his entire family knew nothing about it, we might well have someone – the middle man – who spoke to Stone and could thus testify that it is an outright lie.

Remember I told you that “hearsay doesn’t apply to conspiracy trials”? Well, it’s just this type of situation where that hammer comes slamming down. Prosecutor at trial, to Assange: “And what did Roger Stone say when you asked about whether Trump WAS OR IS on board with all the effort to steal the information and use it against them?”


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